Metlink Melbourne,
Travel Melbourne’s Trains, Buses And Trams
And Get To Your Destination

Metlink Melbourne is the Melbourne transport network that connects trains, buses and trams, all with one ticket. Travel Melbourne and get to all the major events and attractions, with no need to worry about getting caught in traffic.

Metlink Melbourne Central station
Melbourne Central Station

What are the benefits of using Metlink?

Using Metlink is the best way to get to all the major Melbourne events.

You can ride a tram from the central city area to the Australian Open Tennis or the Australian Formula One Grand Prix. The tram stops right at the entrance to both of these events. So sit back and relax, because there is no need to worry about car parking.

Metlink Melbourne City Circle Tram
City Circle No.35 tram

The City Circle tram runs in both directions around Melbourne’ central city district. The tram runs at intervals of approximately 15 minutes during the day. The great part about this service is that it stops at many of the popular attractions and also connects to other transport services.

Are you ready for the cost? It’s free, that’s right free! So you can get on and off as many times as you like.

You only need to purchase one ticket. The ticket can be used on all trains, trams and bus services. Having this flexibility can help you travel all over Melbourne and get you to where you want to go.

Need to find out more?

Get more information about the Metlink system, a Melbourne train timetable or other service timetables at the Metlink webpage:

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